Fault in our Stars

I guess this will be the end of my heartbreak series. I'm not broken anymore. Hooray! These past few weeks I was blaming myself for what happened (falcifying him that it was his fault) but I've come to realize my worth as a lady, as a woman, as someone capable of getting and giving love. … Continue reading Fault in our Stars


I Want To Forgive Him

I easily forgive those who have wronged against me because I don't usually hold grudges. Sadness and anger make my skin dull and when it consumed me I believe it would make my life shorter. A friend once asked me if I have forgiven him already because I remember I said I will never ever… Continue reading I Want To Forgive Him



It has been a week.  And I'm still hurting.  I've been crying every night. Waiting for nothing.  Can't remember the number of times I opened his social media profiles.  I know it's wrong and hopeless but what can I do?  I miss him and it hurts to know that he doesn't care at all.