Acceptance, moving on


This is me accepting the fact that we will never get a chance at second love.  I will never gonna hear your voice again. The voice that made me fall literally. On the floor.  I will never gonna see your face light up and a convex starting to curve right on your lips everytime you… Continue reading Acceptance



It has been a week.  And I'm still hurting.  I've been crying every night. Waiting for nothing.  Can't remember the number of times I opened his social media profiles.  I know it's wrong and hopeless but what can I do?  I miss him and it hurts to know that he doesn't care at all. 


Bukal Falls – Enchanted River of the South! 

If I were to choose between mountains and beaches, I would prefer the latter! Deep blue sea, scorching sun, salty water, and smooth sand are my happy pills! However, weeks ago, my friends and I decided to take our friendship to another level! From coffee to dinner dates to trekking! Yes! Trekking! My friends can… Continue reading Bukal Falls – Enchanted River of the South!